Order Selection

The magic at Delphi begins when you place an order! After carefully picking out the colors, patterns, and designs that call to you, clicking the order placement tab will notify our team that you’re asking for a particular article. This is also the part where you let us know every detail from size, to any customizations that you’d like included in the order profile— a team of seasoned experts is assigned to your order to help keep track of its developments.

Dress Creation

Once the order is placed and confirmed, our dedicated team of seamstresses are passed on the design and measurements that we’ve received from you. The dress creation process at Delphi is anything but mechanical— every thread and hem is locked by hand! Our creation process is lengthy because the smallest details of your article are woven together with intention and dedication!


The creative process ends once your article is brought to life. This unfolds into final touch ups, detailing, and keeping you informed of the progress. When your dress is crafted to perfection, as per the vision you’ve had for it, it is preserved and packed diligently and delivered right at your doorstep for you to admire and drape on.

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